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The Nabnasset Veteran Project
Recognition of our Veteran members and their families.

This project was started in order to recognize the members of Nabnasset Lake Country Club who served or are currently serving our country in the Armed Forces of the United States. 


Nabnasset has a membership with military service spanning over 70 years!  It is our hope that with their permission we can document who they are, the branch of the military served and the years of duty, as well as any stories they would like to share.  We are aware that sometimes military service can be a very private matter and some may not want to participate.  We respect that thought and that is why participation in this project will be completely on a volunteer basis.  It is with the utmost respect and thankfulness for their service that we have started this project and will do everything to conduct the interviews and the collection of information with respect and sensitivity to the veteran and their service.


Who can participate in this project?         

Anyone with military service and or members and employees who have or had family members who served.  If you have a military story to tell, we want to document it.  


What type of information will be on the site and what will be done with the information given?          

Photographs, Video diaries, service information and stories are all welcome.  All information given will be documented and put onto a website link for the sole use of this project. Any photographs will be returned as soon as they are scanned for use on this project.


Please consider participation in this project.  As a community we have an obligation to recognize and thank our veterans and their families for the sacrifices they make every day on our behalf.  This is our way of doing that and keeping your stories alive. 

Send any information or questions to:  


Thank you.

The Members, Staff and Board of Governors at NLCC.


Click below on the names for stories and pictures.

Bill Burns - U.S. Marine Corp

Carl Fay -  U.S. Navy

Jean Capone - U.S. Coast Guard

Nick Laganas - U.S. Army

Ray McCusker - U.S. Army

Joe De Bilio - U.S. Marine Corp

Bob Biondi - U.S. Navy

Bob Priestly - U.S. Army


The Galipeau Family

Joe Mraz - U.S. Army

Bob Kearns  U.S. Army

Frank Polewarczyk- US Armyr

Peter Scomis- USMC- WWII

Raymond Sullivan- US Navy

John Viera - U.S. Navy

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